Spring to Summer 2013 Inspiration: Mori/Natural Kei

EDIT: All my images broke! So I had to find new ones and rewrite this post. :( 
A lot of the mori/dark mori coords I enjoy are made for winter. In fact, fall and winter are my favorite times of year for fashion because of all the layering and details (even though I enjoy summer weather more). So I've had to take up the quest to find more weather appropriate options. hope you enjoy this new and improved post! :)

I'm definitely going to be rocking the classic oval nail in a neutral pinky being color.

Ohhh, I love this! I just need to find a bib denim dress and sew some trim to the front. I already have a chunky sweater though mine is gray instead of brown, and a flower hair clips aren't hard to make. This might be the easiest coord of the Spring yet.

Patchwork skirt? Check.
Relaxed button-down blouse w/ trim? Check.
Knitted cardigan? Check.
Brown boots? Check.
Flower hair ornaments? Check.

I like the almost librarian quality of this coord, that definitely appeals to my bibliophile senses. The simple overdress, blouse and pointed toe loafers, with a school bag make this an easy look to imitate.

This over dress is something I could easily make, as it looks to be a gathered rectangle with suspender-like straps attached from front to back & ribbon ties and lace trim added to the front. Also the shirt is pretty much a button down with lace trim a the hem and rolled sleeves. This going in my crafting to-do list. and I think I could make several of different fabrics, colors, and trims.

The high side buns and the combination of  multi-pastel socks and grey tights make this coord more quirky than romantic but I like that too! And the knitted cardigan over the denim-like shift with wide eyelet trim is very appealing to me.

This is another favorite coord, again because of its simplicity. The jeans plus shift plus overdress and lace headband for some reason remind me of a modern Jane Austin character. And it doesn't hurt that the model is holding a book and looking off into the distance, as if the words have managed to transport her to a wonderful faraway place.

  • 3 petticoats/bloomers
  • 2 knit/crochet sweaters 
  • 2 knit cardigans
  • lace shawl
  • large
  • 4+ white/cream blouses
  • 4+ shift/tent dresses
  • 2-3 overdresses
  • 2+ wide leg pants
  • various lacy knit tights (cream, gray, black)
  • lacy knit knee & ankle socks (cream, pink, blue, black)
  • lacy headbands
  • flower headbands
  • flower and bow clips
  • school girl bag
  • cross-body bag
  • leather ballet flats
  • gold, brass, silver owl, cat, deer, antler, boho+vintage jewelry


    lace shawl mori Photo 

    • Blush
    • Stained Lips
    • Priming fluid
    • Concealer
    • Finishing powder
    • Demure eyeliner


    1. I adore all of the clothing here so much, I would be so happy if I could eventually incorporate lots more pieces like this into my mori wardrobe. I especially love the first blue dress and the 'librarian style' outfit. Thank you for sharing these pictures, I only wish the English weather would cooperate and realise that winter is soon ending!

      1. Aw, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm in the middle of a big re-organization of my closet/life and keeping my style goals in mind helps keep me motivated; I'm glad you enjoyed the post. The weather in Florida is acting up too; it wouldn't get consistently cold all winter and now that spring is finally on the horizon I have to pull out my sweaters and tights! What's a girl to do?

      2. I've had a massive clear-out of a lot of clothes as well recently, I was so fed up that I just took a big black bag to a local charity shop. Sometimes holding on to old clothes feels like an emotional burden. Ah, I feel as if spring is teasing us. We've had hail, sunshine and gale force winds within the space of a few days! I've come to expect it of England but I would have thought the weather in Florida would be far better.
        Let's not give up hope!

    2. One would think, right? But no I live in north Florida, which is far enough above the equator that the weather can't decide whether it wants to be late spring or early winter from November to April. And, yes to letting go of emotional baggage in the form of clothes! Sometimes it's just time.