Winter 2014 Wishlist

Fall is here even in Florida and winter is fast approaching; I've been rocking black lipstick again and it's been fabulous. You know that feeling of satisfaction when you look in the mirror and you look like your best self? The you you've imagined yourself to be? Yeah, that.

The color palette of this past fall: black, rich emerald green, cool bright scarlet, and hints of pinky-beige and winter white and I loved it. Still I am a creature who needs variety, so I've been looking at other dark dark colors to play around with this winter; namely black, midnight blue, dark brown with gold and silver accents. Style-wise I'm heading in the quirky goth-y professional range since that's what I *really* need right now. I am a professional adult. Yes, I'm still a grad student but I work 40 hrs a week and have responsibilities. This often clashes with my internal view of myself, but it's not all bad. I just have to make sure that I don't let myself be smothered by other's expectations *shrug*.

Hair Cuts, Makeup Looks, and More!

Wow, it's been awhile! Unfortunately grad school has left less time for posting but the need to look professional while still being myself has created more time for actual style. I haven't been taking many pictures except of make up looks I do have a makeup haul to review from Ulta, including the Naked 3 Palette AND orders from both Shiro and Fyrinnae Cosmetics coming in, so I will be doing reviews on that.
I'm still exploring makeup so I might or might not make a video (I don't know how much of my blunders I want to make public, lol) and I'm still figuring out how to work with my face without resorting to copious amounts of contouring (more on my beef against contouring later). I will also be continuing my Year in Retrospect series. So that's what's coming up for the rest of the year! Here are a few looks I've been rocking:

Grad Life

My most fundamental job is as a student. As a history grad, primary, hands-on research is paramount and this April I had the opportunity to travel to Tuskegee, Alabama. It was a trip of many firsts, as it was my first time driving out-of-town overnight by myself, my first out-of-town research experience, my first time visiting another institutions archives, etc. I was excited! I wanted to represent myself as a committed and well put-together student representing Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Let's be forreal, though; I was in my comfortable traveling/studying clothes complete with Crocs. I compromised by doing up my face and hair.

Driving through Alabama

In the bathroom taking pics because that's what grad students do

My trip was mostly successful and I was able to spend an hour or two just walking around and taking pictures on my phone.The Tuskegee University campus is the definition of well-appointed and the effort that has gone into preservation of the historic buildings is obvious. All together the effect was beautiful.
Tuskegee university Archives; where I conducted some of my research

The historic home of Booker T. Washington 

About to get on the road again.

Heading home to Tallahassee!

I'm Back!!! October 2013 in Retrospect

Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted. My graduate studies have take the front seat and work has taken the backseat, leaving only a small space in the trunk of my life for blogging about fashion and the expression of personal aesthetic.

Just to give a taste of what's been going through my head, I'm going to do a month by month retrospective of the themes that made an recurring appearance on my tumblr since my last regular posting.

This week's retrospective is October 2013 and the theme is gold and blue:

denim love (by Zalia Mak)

dreadedlioness: Claws and #penmanship

(via zizziswardrobe)