Psychopath At Large (I’m The great Thranduil………’s elk……. ROFL)

Source: Psychopath At Large (I’m The great Thranduil………’s elk……. ROFL)

This is the fashion weekends are made for...
Ugh, I need to be reading The Landscape of History right now, not looking at antler coords :(


Source: 森ガール

Inspiration for the cooler months, since I live in Florida, and I won't be able to pull this off until November or December.
I already have tights, boots, and scarf  necessary but I don't have a dress and over shirt, or the socks. The dress and overshirt will have to be one of my sewing projects. I think it's also time to visit Sock Dreams, as they always have beautiful affordable socks that fit me well. :)

My First Mori Girl Make Up Look (and new bangs)!


So, yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my room and studying (by which I mean procrastinating by looking at my mori kei pinboard). Finally I threw up my hands and said "Enough! I need bangs, and I need them now!" So I went to the bathroom and cut them in. Then I looked at my sink with the bottom halves of my locs sitting in it and I said to myself, "What did I just do!?"
They were sticking out all over the place, it was horrible!

But after a night in foam rollers,
my bangs were looking satisfyingly adorable, so I decided to try out some make up too and I am VERY happy with how that turned out. I'm going to have take some time next weekend to do a video.


Inspired by Music

The weather is warming up and that's making me think of some of my favorite artists who might be playing concerts this summer. Here are a few outfits I wouldn't mind wearing to see Kendrick Lamar, Orion Rigel Dommisse, Cold Specks, or Best Coast or mind wearing while I'm just running errands and listening to their music.

I'm Real, I'm Real, I'm Really Really Real...

Just Female , $45 / Crop tank, $48 / Lace shapewear, $31 / Black jewelry / Miss Selfridge silver bangle / Anna Sui cosmetic

A Faceless Death

Alexander Wang backpack, $585 / Eddie Borgo costume jewellery, $200 / Betsey Johnson GOLDEN GOOSE Sneakers


Marc by Marc Jacobs faded jeans, $270 / mae ankle wrap heels / Madewell gold chain bracelet / ZIIO bangle jewelry, $305 / Jolita Jewellery skull stud earrings / Plastic jewelry / Cowgirl jewelry

Crazy For You, Baby

Poetic Justice

What to Wear to an Indie Concert?

You might want to reconsider the ban on skinny jeans; being a size 14 doesn't mean you can't wear them. Depending on your figure, skinny jeans can actually look great on plus sized women and can give us a slimmer look than flared, boot-cut do. A good compromise if you're still not comfortable in the skinnies, are straight-legged jeans. Like any other style of jeans, just make sure you get a good fit.

As for everything else? The goal is to balance looking good and being comfortable. As good as you may look in 4-inch heels, that's not exactly the best way have fun at concert, especially when there might be time spent in lines, dancing in front of the stage, or even outdoors. I recommend flats (with good support), low platforms, and for the occasions that just demand, it a low heel, will at least ensure that your tears are from the music and not the pain in your feet.

Today Is Like Any Other Day

Untitled #826

Sweater / Jeffrey Campbell shoes / American Apparel / Bijules / Maria Black , $145 / Citrine By The Stones triangle earrings / Lane Bryant: Black Jegging

Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist

Miss Selfridge classic black dress, $54 / Forever 21 / Forever 21 elastic waist pants / Warehouse crossbody handbag / Punk rock jewelry / Cath Kidston bullet earrings

Crazy For You, Baby

Spring to Summer 2013 Inspiration: Mori/Natural Kei

EDIT: All my images broke! So I had to find new ones and rewrite this post. :( 
A lot of the mori/dark mori coords I enjoy are made for winter. In fact, fall and winter are my favorite times of year for fashion because of all the layering and details (even though I enjoy summer weather more). So I've had to take up the quest to find more weather appropriate options. hope you enjoy this new and improved post! :)

Floridian Winter 2013

This Author in the Real

It got suddenly chilly here, and I finally got to wear my hooded scarf and my shearling boots

Item picture Winter Fleece Hooded Scarf Pullover Headscarf Neckwarmer Hoodie Ski Hat Black


It's been intermittently yet uncommon cold in Florida this Winter and I haven't actually been able to put up all my summer clothes because I can actually wear them some days.

This Author in the Real

The End of the End of the Beginning

So this year I will be incorporating more writing into this blog The Book of Style and keeping *most* of my Polyvore sets on my tumblr, The Appendix to The Book of Style as the photos are supposed to be supporting content for my actual thought on fashion.What this hopefully means is more content and more personal/meaningful writing on my part. So yay! Onto the good stuff...

Spring 2013 Wishlist