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It got suddenly chilly here, and I finally got to wear my hooded scarf and my shearling boots

Item picture Winter Fleece Hooded Scarf Pullover Headscarf Neckwarmer Hoodie Ski Hat Black


It's been intermittently yet uncommon cold in Florida this Winter and I haven't actually been able to put up all my summer clothes because I can actually wear them some days.

This Author in the Real

The End of the End of the Beginning

So this year I will be incorporating more writing into this blog The Book of Style and keeping *most* of my Polyvore sets on my tumblr, The Appendix to The Book of Style as the photos are supposed to be supporting content for my actual thought on fashion.What this hopefully means is more content and more personal/meaningful writing on my part. So yay! Onto the good stuff...

Spring 2013 Wishlist