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My most fundamental job is as a student. As a history grad, primary, hands-on research is paramount and this April I had the opportunity to travel to Tuskegee, Alabama. It was a trip of many firsts, as it was my first time driving out-of-town overnight by myself, my first out-of-town research experience, my first time visiting another institutions archives, etc. I was excited! I wanted to represent myself as a committed and well put-together student representing Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Let's be forreal, though; I was in my comfortable traveling/studying clothes complete with Crocs. I compromised by doing up my face and hair.

Driving through Alabama

In the bathroom taking pics because that's what grad students do

My trip was mostly successful and I was able to spend an hour or two just walking around and taking pictures on my phone.The Tuskegee University campus is the definition of well-appointed and the effort that has gone into preservation of the historic buildings is obvious. All together the effect was beautiful.
Tuskegee university Archives; where I conducted some of my research

The historic home of Booker T. Washington 

About to get on the road again.

Heading home to Tallahassee!

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