Looking Good For Not A Lot

I've started two new series of sets on my polyvore called Under 100 and Under 125, featuring sets that total to (amazingly) under $100 and $125. IN these times of belt tightening all around, I think it's a good idea to start looking in my wallet. 

One of the first ways to save while looking good is to identify your own style in stick with it. That doesn't meant that your style shouldn't change and grow as you do, but knowing what you really like and what will make you look amazing saves so much more time and money and even emotional grief than being so wrapped up in what's trendy and "in" that you can't see the fact that you don't wear half of what's in your closet and that the other half you don't even like.
Style is about you. 
Not "them", not "they say". 

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