Some Fashion, Style, and "Other" Blogs to Check Out

I made an obviously truncated list  of blogs that I like to visit for news and inspiration for my own style (there are at least 6 other blogs/sites that I will post in the near future). Enjoy!

  • Haute Macabre: one of the leading alternative fashion sites, catering particularly to those grown-up Goths (myself among them) for whom the style, music and lifestyle weren't "just a phase" and who want to take it to the next level.

  • Cephalopod Tea Party: Let's just be honest, who doesn't find octopi, squids, and cuttlefish to be at least fascinating, if not absolutely adorable and necessary in every part of life? (I smell obsession here but I'm sure it's only the healthy kind :D)

  •  Bleu Coiffure: A celebration of natural hair in person, in style, in art, and in the media

  •  The Gentleman's Standard: While I am given to much more alternative style, there really is nothing like a man in suit, better yet a man who knows how to dress himself at all times, no matter his style or bent. I relish the fact that young men are once again beginning to want to dress themselves with distinction and The Gentleman's Standard is a guide to this end, both inside, where the heart lies and outside, where style matters.

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