Where Have I BEEN?!?

So between my last semester, graduation, a new job, and--I admit--tumblr, I have gotten woefully behind on my own... macroblogging(?). I have been reading other blogs though and to get back into the saddle I just wanted to list a few of the best posts that I've come across in the fashion blogging world. This post will be more links to other blogs and content :( but I will definitely be getting back into the swing of regular posting.
  • My most recent discovery is Cinder & Skylark, a Capetown, South Africa street fashion blog. I like being able to se the themes and threads I'm familiar with in street fashion (oxfords, neck scarves, wide belts, etc.) in new and fresh combinations. My fave post so far is Friday 14 January and here are a few pics to give you a taste:
  • Tumblr has a pretty much amazing fashion and fatshion community and I've discovered quite a few inspiring photos of street fashion, editorials, and the like. So here are my top picks from my tumblr.
  • Speaking of fatshion, I started following Christina on lookbook because it was wonderful to finally find a fashion blogger after my own heart: fat, black, and goth! Then I found her on tumblr, and then started following her main website, Musing of a Fatshionista. I can't help but share her site because it's been such an encouragement to me:

  • To save the best for last, I have definitely been keeping up with fashion week this season (Fall 2011) and even looking at past shows for inspiration. Here's a link to some the looks that I've come across that really speak to me.

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